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Factors to consider when choosing timber for your deck

Posted on April 27 2017

in Hardware and Trade, Landscape and Garden

Are you planning to build a deck for your home or repair an existing one? Then you must already be shopping for the right materials for this project. One major aspect when buying materials is choosing the right timber for your deck. You cannot just use any type of timber since you have to consider the conditions to which this material will be exposed to and the threats that you think could damage your deck. With these in mind, along with other factors, you may want to include these properties when choosing a timber, so that you can make wise decisions once you visit a timber supplies store.

Depending on your location, your home, including your deck, is exposed to the natural elements, like heavy rains, UV rays, or infestations. You should therefore choose a type of timber that could withstand these harsh elements. Ordinarily, hardwoods are preferred, such as Merbau, but you can also use softwoods as long as they have been given the right chemical treatment that makes them durable. Experienced carpenters know how to properly and safely treat timber to enhance its lifespan, or you can choose to buy wood that has already been treated from timber supplies stores.

It would be nice to use a type of timber that comes in a natural colour that complements and accentuates your main home. This way, your deck will blend well with the main house and make your home very attractive. The main reason wood is preferred for the deck is because it adds elegance to your home. If you could not find a colour that fits your taste, you always have the option to stain the wood in order to achieve the style that you are aiming for.

Of course, cost will always be a consideration, especially for those who are on a tight budget. An option to lower your cost is to use softwoods such as Pine. As mentioned, they can be made durable by the proper treatment, and they also cost less.

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to have your dream deck built in no time at all and for a lower cost. You may think of trying out other materials aside from wood, but nothing beats wood in terms of class. It is easy to clean and maintain too. In addition, timber has insulation properties, so your feet will not get cold if you ever plan to walk barefoot on your deck on a cold night.

To shop for timber, you can visit our store so you can see for yourself the colour, design, and durability of the timber we sell.

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