Put the worry of blowfly strike behind you

CLiK™ Spray-On has long been the mainstay fly control product for Australian sheep producers, providing season long protection against fly strike for 18-24 weeks.  CLiK™ Spray-On has the unique added benefit of Rain Lock™, the result of patented formulation technology that allows the active to resist wash out offering peace of mind for sheep producers, even in the face of wet weather.*

CLiK™ Spray-On is registered for the protection of sheep, either off-shears or with any length wool, against fly strike for 18 to 24 weeks. It is also registered for the protection of mulesing and marking wounds on sheep against fly strike during the wound healing process. CLiK™ offers the following key benefits:

  • Season long protection against flystrike for 18-24 weeks on all breeds of sheep with any length wool
  • Potent insect growth regulator that breaks the life cycle of the blowfly before any damage occurs
  • Rain Lock™ formulation technology that enables CLiK™ to bind strongly to wool fibres to resist washout
  • Convenient ready to use spray on formulation

The Hidden Costs of Flystrike

The prevention and control of blowfly strike caused by Lucilia cuprina is a vital component of sheep husbandry in Australia. Flystrike is estimated to cost the Australian sheep industry a reported $173 million per annum.1 Historically, it has been estimated that some 3 million sheep died each year as a consequence of flystrike.2  While mortality is a significant cost and worry for sheep producers; there are other less obvious impacts of flystrike. These include reduced sheep fertility, lost meat and wool production, damage to skins, and the cost of chemicals and labour for treating struck sheep. Strategic preventative treatment of sheep early in the season has been proven to reduce fly population build-up3 and consequently reduce the impact of blowfly strike on productivity. CLiK™ is ideally suited for this purpose.4

Important Safety Information

Prior to use, please consult the product label for complete instructions.

Withholding Periods

MILK: DO NOT USE on sheep that are producing or may in the future produce milk that may be used or processed for human consumption.
WOOL: DO NOT USE less than 3 months before shearing or fibre collection.
Use of this product may result in wool residues that may not comply with European Union environmental quality standards. Wool treated with this product may contain detectable residues; adequate treatement records should be kept and made available, if requested by wool buyers.
MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Export Slaughter Interval

Long wool: DO NOT USE less than 60 days before slaughter for export.
6 weeks wool or less: DO NOT USE less than 120 days before slaughter for export.

Directions For Use

DO NOT dilute.

DO NOT mix with any other product.

Clik Spray On Dose Table

Critical Comments

1. Use only a spray-on applicator gun recommended by Elanco.
2. Ensure the applicator gun is clean.
3. Calibrate applicator gun using an accurate volume measure.
4. Ensure all areas to be protected are treated.
5. When preventing body strike ensure bands overlap along the midline (Diagram 1).
6. When protecting mulesing wound from fly strike, take special care to treat the wound and the surrounding 25 mm of wool (Diagram 2).
7. When protecting marking wounds from fly strike, take special care to treat the wound and surrounding wool (Diagram 3).
8. This product is not recommended for treating existing strikes. Use a product registered as a dressing for existing strikes (e.g.  Extinosad™ Aerosol, Extinosad™ Eliminator).
9. Heavy rain following the application of this product could diminish the period of protection.
10. CLiK™ Spray-On contains a scourable colouring agent for easy band identification.
11. Withholding periods must be observed following application of CLiK™ Spray-On for any purpose including after mulesing and/or marking as finite residues will occur.
Clik 3 diagram

Recommended Applicators

Use only an Elanco approved applicator. DO NOT USE any other applicator.
1. 15 mL CLiK™ Applicator fitted with a fan spray nozzle for sheep > 50kg.
2. 10 mL CLiK™ Applicator fitted with a fan spray nozzle for sheep ≤ 50kg, and for mulesing and marking application.
3. 30 mL Genesis Power Doser™ fitted with a fan spray nozzle.

A fan spray nozzle must be used to ensure that all areas of the sheep prone to flystrike are protected. After use wash with warm, soapy water and rinse with clean water.

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