Polymer Innovations

Water$ave Dam Sealer 12kg

Water$ave Plug and Seep are super-absorbent polymers in a dry, powdered form.

When applied to the water surface the polymer works to seal the base and walls of your dam or pond in two ways.

  • Firstly, the particles begin to hydrate and expand on contact with water and descend to the bottom of the dam. The weight of the water (‘head pressure”) forces the particles into the cracks and voids, where the polymer particles continue to expand, creating an effective plug to stop the leaks.
  • Secondly, the negatively charged particles create a flocculating effect whereby soil particles suspended in the water bind together and sink to the bottom. This material also assists in stopping the leaks.

When applied correctly you can achieve a permanent seal in one application.

Water$ave Plug and Seep are non-toxic and not harmful to plant and animal life and are safe to handle without protective clothing.

Available range:

Plug – for large leaks         (P/N: 8007117)
Seepage – for small leaks  (P/N: 8007069)


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